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5 Websites Every French Teacher Should Know

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Teaching French can be challenging, especially when searching for high-quality resources for your classroom. Below, I’ve compiled a list of five indispensable websites that every French teacher should know. These platforms offer a wealth of materials that can enhance your teaching methods, whether you're conducting classes online or in person.

  1. TV5Monde - Enseigner le français TV5Monde is a treasure trove with over 1,100 teaching sheets aimed at teaching French as a foreign language. These resources span a wide range of topics including current events, culture, and sustainable development. Each sheet is designed to be used alongside videos, making each class engaging and informative.

5 Websites every French teacher should know

For more advanced students, 1 Jour 1 Actu offers daily educational sessions that feature fascinating, relevant teaching sheets. The site includes podcasts and videos, which are perfect for keeping the classroom sessions dynamic and up-to-date.

5 Websites every French teacher should know

BrainPOP makes learning fun with its lively educational content that can be used both in class and at home. The site specializes in grammar games and offers a variety of interactive resources that create unique learning moments. More details about their offerings can help you decide how to integrate them into your lessons.

5 Websites every French teacher should know

4. Il était une histoire

Aimed primarily at younger learners, Il était une histoire provides a rich collection of stories and activities that can help foster a love of French language and culture in children. The site is a wonderful resource for engaging kids with delightful tales.

5 Websites every French teacher should know

5. EspaceProfFLE .com Our favorite ! At EspaceProfFLE, you’ll find hundreds of teaching sheets specifically tailored for online use, though they are equally effective in traditional classroom settings. The materials cover various themes and skill levels, are interactive, and incorporate listening, video, and games. This site is known for its high-quality resources that are easy to use and designed to closely align with students' needs. You can download worksheets individually or in grouped modules, and follow the guidelines (referred to as "Axe des activités" or Activity Timeline). Many worksheets are completely free.

5 Websites every French teacher should know
5 Websites every French teacher should know

Each of these websites offers unique tools and resources that can help French teachers enrich their teaching materials and methodologies. Whether you’re looking to expand your teaching aids or find new ways to engage your students, these sites are worth exploring.


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